Brow Lift FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Brow Lifts

What does a brow lift do?

A brow lift helps remove wrinkles across your forehead, improve frown lines and creases between eyebrows, and raise saggy brows.

Will brow lift surgery scar?

Depending on which way your procedure is performed, it can leave a scar. However, since the surgery is performed on your hairline, the scars are well hidden after the hair grows through the scar.

Will I need another brow lift in a few years?

Most likely you will never need another surgery, as these last for years and years. However, some patients want their brows raised higher, which can be done through another surgery.

Do I need to take time off of work to recover? 

It is recommended to take one to two weeks off of work so you give yourself time to heal and any swelling can go down. 

How long does the brow lift procedure take?

Brow lifts usually take about two hours to from start to finish.

I’m nervous the brow lift procedure will give me a permanent surprised look.

The Enhanced Image Center has been performing these procedures for many years and has the experience needed to make you feel better about your appearance. We ensure you that you will not end up with a surprised look.

Sometimes my sagging brows cause me to have trouble seeing to the sides. Can a brow lift improve my vision?

In a case like this, we will help elevate the brows, along with an eyelid surgery to help improve your vision.

What makes someone a good candidate for a brow lift?

If you are in good health, don’t smoke, and are able to avoid blood thinners two weeks prior to surgery, then you are a good candidate for a brow lift. If you have heavy eyebrows, look tired, angry, or worried most of the time, then you are a good candidate.

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