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Cosmetic Surgery serving Cleveland, OH

Are you unhappy with your appearance? Are you thinking about cosmetic surgery? We’ve got the solutions for you! 

At Enhanced Image Center, we offer quality cosmetic surgery options, performed by our board certified surgeons. We help improve our patient’s body to achieve symmetry and proportion. We perform on all areas of the head, neck, and body to achieve a desired look. We offer a variety of cosmetic surgeries including face lifts, eyelid lifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, liposuction, Botox, and more. 

Recovery times will vary based on the person and procedure, but usually, a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks is needed for cosmetic surgeries. Because this is an elective surgery, insurances usually do not cover the costs. However, we have affordable pricing as well as financing options.

Are You a Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Do you have a medical condition that poses a threat to you while you’re under the knife? If you do, don’t dismiss the idea of a cosmetic procedure just yet. Contact us to find out what alternative medication and medical options are available to you.

We perform plastic surgeries, consultations for surgeries and also follow-up visits are done at Cleveland, OH office for your convenience. 

You are unique - And your cosmetic procedure should be equally unique. 
At Enhanced Image Center, each and every procedure is completely customized to your individual needs and goals. Our goal is your goal. And the years of experience we possess after having performed thousands of individual procedures enables us to bring you the quality, experience and skill-set to deliver optimal, beautiful, and natural looking results, at prices you can afford.
As a national and international leader in laser facial cosmetic procedures, Enhanced Image Center offers:
  • Board Certified facial plastic surgeons
  • Local anesthesia
  • In office procedures
  • Over 4 thousand procedures performed
  • Affordable pricing and financing options

The Top Reasons people choose Look Natural Lift

When your goal is to look as young as you feel, it’s important to examine the facts.

Lifestyle Lift led the way and in years 2012-2014, was America’s #1 facial rejuvenation procedure. Here’s why:

1. Vast experience. Only the most highly experienced, highly specialized physicians are Lifestyle Lift trained and Certified. Lifestyle lift trained and certified physicians are more experienced than any other group of specialized plastic surgeons. Dr. Malhotra, personally has performed over 4000 facial rejuvenation procedures for people just like you. Dr. Malhotra is Lifestyle lift trained and certified.

2. Board certified. Lifestyle Lift physicians are board certified. Doctors certified in “cosmetic surgery” are not accepted by Lifestyle Lift since becoming a “cosmetic surgeon” can require as little as a weekend course. Dr. Malhotra is board certified in Head and Neck Surgery to practice Facial Plastic Surgery.

3. Verified expertise. Before being trained and certified, all Lifestyle Lift physicians have passed an extensive background check, including a review and verification of their education, licensure, training, experience and bedside manner. That ensures that Dr. Malhotra is as qualified as she says she is.

4. Highest Quality. Unlike many solo/private practice doctors who have little oversight, Lifestyle Lift physicians have regional medical directors, plus a vast number of Lifestyle Lift physician colleagues, who are available for consultation at any time. This instills accountability and translates to the highest quality of care. Dr. Malhotra is now a trainer and physician mentor and travels and shares her expertise with others.

5. Less invasive. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is quicker and less invasive than traditional procedures. This nearly always results in a shorter, easier recovery time.

6. Safe. Lifestyle Lift patients are safer and feel more relaxed because they are not put to sleep with general anesthesia. Our use of local anesthesia is the safer method most patients prefer.

7. Affordable. Experience often comes at a very high price. But the unique business model in our facilities provides patients with highly experienced, caring physicians at a fair cost and with many financing options, making it affordable for nearly everyone.

8. Long-Lasting. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is not just a temporary fix. It is designed and proven to result in a long lasting, natural, more youthful look.

9. Private. The Lifestyle Lift procedure takes place in a relaxed, private setting, rather than at a crowded hospital or surgery center.

10. VIP treatment. Lifestyle Lift certified physicians and staff treat patients like VIPs, taking as much time and effort as is necessary to help each patient look and feel their best.

And now we’ve made it even better…
The new and improved Lifestyle Lift procedure is done with laser assisted techniques and called Look Natural Lift.

Call now to schedule your appointment to find out more and get a free facial analysis. 216-475-0300.
Facial Plastic Services

Quiets dynamic lines due to overactive muscles

Belotero Balance
Line fill-ins, for lines such as upper lip lines

Juvéderm Ultra XC or Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC
Fill in lines and folds

Fills in deeper folds and sculpts cheekbones, chins, and noses

Voluma XC
Adds volume and lifts

Transfers fat from abdomen or thigh to add volume to face
Facial Firming Procedures

Look Natural Lift
The ultimate jawline and neck firming procedure

Mini Laser Lift – Face
Facial firming without neck firming

Mini Laser Lift – Neck
Neck firming without facial firming

Upper Eyelid
Upper eyelid skin firming

Lower Eyelid
Lower eyelid skin firming

Lateral Brow Lift
Lifts lateral aspect of the brows to enhance arch and reduce lateral hooding
Laser Procedures

Fractional Full Face Laser Treatment
Skin surface enhancement of tone and texture with tightening

Fractional Perioral Laser Treatment
Rejuvenates areas around the mouth by reducing lines

Fractional Periorbital Laser Treatment
Rejuvenates areas around the eyes by tightening skin
Plastic Surgery Financing

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