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Face Lift serving Cleveland, OH

As you start to age, your skin changes. Sagging skin can make your face appear more rectangular than it does round. If you have loose skin, you may want to consider a face lift procedure from the team at Enhanced Image Center, serving the Cleveland, OH area. 

A face lift is a cosmetic surgery aimed at improving the look of your face and neck. During this surgery, the facial tissue is lifted, excess skin is removed, and skin is place over the new contours of the face. Usually, a neck lift will also be performed at this time. 

If your skin is starting to droop, which is common during aging, then a face lift may be beneficial. However, this procedure will not correct wrinkles or sun damage. If you are interested in getting those issues corrected, a skin resurfacing procedure will need to be done.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures With Proven Results

A face lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves anesthesia. During this process, our doctors will determine the best course of action. We find the best location for incisions so there are little to no visible scars. 

Do something for Yourself!

Enhance Tone, Texture and Tighten
The Enhanced Image Center offers you the latest approach in facial cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures focusing on the face, neck and eyes. Whether your concerns are saggy jowls, or fullness under the chin, the presence of vertical bands in the neck, or tired looking eyes, our experienced and highly specialized surgeons will customize a solution to meet your specific goals, ensuring a natural and refreshed look.

Look Natural Lift – The Evolution of Customized Lifting Procedures

The Process

Local Anesthesia:
Patients remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure, receiving local anesthesia in the areas of treatment. This approach minimizes the post procedure experience sometimes associated with IV or general anesthesia. Patients are provided medication to assist in the relaxation and comfort.

Experience and Specialization:
As each and every face and one's particular needs are unique, so too are our advanced lifting procedures. Our team has worked together for years and apply their years of training and knowledge of multiple lifting techniques and procedures and apply the optimal balance of each of these disciplines to design a unique procedure for each and every patient, providing a truly natural and youthful, lasting result.

Smartlipo Laser Technology:
Innovative FDA cleared technology is used to enhance the contouring of the jawline and neck as a part of the Look Natural Lift. Enhanced Image Center physicians use Smartlipo laser technology to simulate collagen production in the treated areas, which are the building blocks to more youthful looking skin. The use of the Smartlipo laser technology promotes additional skin tightening in the treated areas than commonly occurs in traditional lifting procedures.

Face Lift Recovery

These procedures are performed in an outpatient setting. Most patients can return to the comfort of their own home within a few hours of the procedure. Although the procedure is not very painful, pain medications may be prescribed to take for a couple days after. You may experience some discomfort and tightness, possibly bruising, but this should only last a couple weeks. Most patients are able to continue with normal activities in about 10 days.

A face lift should last about ten years. By visiting the Enhanced Image Center during that time for maintenance and follow-ups, patients may experience better results. For more information about face lifts and how they can help you, please give us a call today.
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