J Plasma
Dermal Resurfacing and Skin Tightening using J-Plasma

J-Plasma turns helium gas into a plasma (the fourth state of matter) and channels it into a point so it can be used to resurface the skin. Helium is naturally a cold gas. Because the device turns only a portion of the helium into plasma, the rest of the helium is used as a cooling agent to immediately cool the area being resurfaced. This cooling effect further reduces thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. This gives Dr. Malhotra the ability to individually tailor the procedure to the patient’s desired results. J-Plasma dramatically tightens the skin during the resurfacing procedure. With it, you can say goodbye to brown spots, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin.

J-Plazty™ Minimally Invasive Facelift

The J-PlaZty™ procedure is nothing like the traditional facelift. The J-Plasma is the first of its kind, non-laser, device that assists with rejuvenating the face without having to undergo a traditional facelift. The results are astonishing with patients looking up to 10 years younger, for only a fraction of the cost, risk, and downtime of a traditional facelift. The J-PlaZty™ face lifting procedure is performed using J-Plasma helium energy, and a proprietary technique to tighten the soft tissues below the skin, which dramatically rejuvenates the upper and lower face.

Unlike traditional lasers, J-Plasma energy can be administered under the skin because it uses energized helium to create a plasma energy field (75% less of thermal load of a CO2 laser). When introduced under the skin, it causes immediate and often dramatic skin tightening. There is no significant scarring because only 3-5 very small incisions (only 5 mm in size) are needed. The entire procedure is done with local anesthetic and oral sedation, and it usually takes about an hour. Best yet, unlike a traditional facelift, the initial recovery can be as short as three days. The J-PlaZty™ is a proprietary technique used by Dr. Malhotra.

Here’s more about how it’s actually done. Dr. Malhotra will make 3-5 very small incisions. With oral sedation and a local anesthetic used to numb the area. Excess fat is easily removed if needed, and the skin is then ready for treatment with the plasma energy. Dr. Malhotra will thread an invisible suture into the SMAS layer (the strong connective tissue that envelops the face and connects to the platysma muscle in the neck). The SMAS and other facial tissues are what cause sagging as we age, so that’s why we want to lift it. The invisible stitch will eventually dissolve, but the scar tissue left behind will keep the “lift” in place. Finally, using the same incisions, Dr. Malhotra will introduce J-Plasma underneath the skin to create instant tightening of the treated area and encourage cellular rejuvenation. This means, unlike a traditional facelift, no skin needs to be removed. J-Plasma will tighten the skin so significantly that it won’t need to be excised away, hence no excision scars.

If you want the best of both worlds, it is possible to get a staged procedure in which you undergo the skin resurfacing procedure first, and then J-PlaZty™ after the resurfaced area has healed. This combination will significantly improve skin tone, texture and color on the surface in addition to significantly tightening your skin.

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