Skin Care

Anti-aging skin care products in Cleveland, OH

The skin’s natural ability to stay healthy begins to diminish in our mid-30s, with the breakdown of collagen and the loss of skin elasticity. As cell turnover decelerates, the flow of moisture from within begins to falter, and our skin becomes tight, dry, and vulnerable to wrinkle formation and discoloration. 

At the Enhanced Image Center, we offer our clients the most sophisticated skin care products available on the market. We offer products that yield noticeable improvement in the color and texture of your complexion. You will notice that your skin becomes suppler, firmer, and more resilient.

We carry Skin Medica and Dermesse products! Call for pricing and ordering information.

Improve the Look of Your Skin

With prescription-level concentrations of ingredients for accelerated improvement, many of the products we offer are not available at non-medical facilities such as salons and department stores. Accelerated aesthetic results may be obtained by combining our advanced skincare products with our clinical treatments, such as skin rejuvenation or laser skin resurfacing. 

Contact our office to schedule a free cosmetic consultation, where our skin health specialists will customize a health program for your skin – one that will improve undesirable conditions and renew and refresh your complexion.

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