Spot Removal

Brown Spot Laser Removal in Cleveland, OH

Our simple, noninvasive treatment for correcting age spots, liver spots, red spots, freckles, and freckle-like spots offers safe and effective correction with no downtime. Using GentleLase (alexandrite) or VBeam Perfecta (pulsed dye), we use the laser’s high intensity light to penetrate deep into the skin to break up melanin or hemoglobin, depending on the spot type.

During your visit, our physician will guide the laser through the treatment area using a small handheld probe. Depending on the type of spot, a cooling spray may be used. Most patients see great results with a single treatment, and some may require an additional treatment. Patients should expect a darker spot/discoloration after treatment, which will crust and fall off within a week. 

It is recommended to avoid sun exposure before and throughout treatment to maximize results. A sunblock of SPF 30 or higher should be worn daily during this time.

Before and After Laser Spot Surgery

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